Code of Conduct

The decision of Principal /Management in all matters will be final and binding.

Students must be seated in the classrooms before the start of the lecture. No student shall enter the class or knock the door after 5 (five) minutes of the start of the class.

No. Students shall be loitering near the classes once the classes are in progress.

Regular attendance in the class including guest lectures is compulsory.

Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the college premises.

Every student will submit assignment; project etc. as per periodic directions.

Misbehaviour, persistence disobedience, habitual late coming, consumption of drug or liquor in the institute, cheating in the examination and any unbecoming act may invite strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the institute.

Each student is expected to observe the college dress code strictly.

Each student is expected to be present regularly in the college. Name will be struck-off if a candidate absentees himself continuously for six days. Candidate can seek re-admission after satisfying the principal.

No student is permitted to undertake any part time/ whole time job during the courses of study.

No student is allowed to put posters in college campus or notice board and to hold assembly in college premises or to address on unauthorized assembly in the college campus.

Any student causing loss to the college property will be penalized and the students concerned will have to replace or get the same repaired at his/ her own costs.

Evaluation / Assessment of students of BCA is a continuous process to test their performance and acquisition of knowledge and understanding towards professional competence to realize the vision of Gian Jyoti College of Education and needs of the market. The system is being continuously monitored thro

Food, breweries and any type of drinks are not permitted in the lab/class rooms.

Students are not allowed to leave the college campus during teaching hours without prior permission.

Curbing Ragging In The Institute

Ragging in institute is strictly banned according to the judgment and directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Himachal Pradesh University and guidelines issued by UGC in this regard. The following guidelines will be observed to prevent incidents of ragging in the institute.

Every candidate seeking admission will give undertaking duly printed on the application form that He/ She will not indulge in ragging and if found guilty he/ She will be liable for punishment. Similar undertaking will be obtained from the parents/ guardian of the applicant.

Anti ragging committee has been constituted in the college.

Whenever a ragging incident is brought to the notice of college authorities, the disciplinary committee will hold an enquiry in to the incident.

If any student is found guilty of ragging after the enquiry then he/she will be punished accordingly.The punishment mayinclude:-

If any student is found guilty of ragging incident occurred in the past then he/she may be expelled from the institution