General Rules


As per rules of the university, a student is entitled to appear in the end semester examination if he/she has attended a minimum of 75% of scheduled lectures in every subject. Defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the university examination according.

Attendance in seminars and other functions organized in the institute is mandatory. Absenteeism will invite fine to the tune of decision taken by the college authorities in this regard.

Identity Card

Entry to the college premises will be on production of identity card student not in the possession of the identity card may be refused entry to the classroom / college.

In case of loss of identity card, a duplicate card shall be issued subject to a written request from the student. Extra money will be charged for issuing a new card.

The identity card is valid only for the duration of the program in which the student has taken admission. Identity card is the property of the institute and is to be surrendered to the institute after its expiry.

Rules Related To Leave

Leave for the absence from the college shall be applied for and obtained in advance except in emergency in that case the leave application may be sent with in two days of students return to the college.

Leave on account of sickness must be accompanied by certificate of Registered Medical Practicener.

Leave during house examination will be sanctioned by the Principal on recommendation of atleast two tutors in special cases only.

If the student remains absent for more than 6 consecutive days with out leave then the principal reserves the right to strike off the name of student from the college roll or can impose penalty.

The tutor can provide two days leave but for a longer period leave application must be approved by the Principal.

Rules For Computer Lab

Lab computers are for academic and research use. Personal e-mailing, Chat and games are not permitted.

Setting on the computers should not be changed.

No personal CDs, pen-drive and memory sticks are allowed in computer lab.

Internet facility can be availed with the prior permission of teacher.

Accessing prohibited sites may invite penalty or suspension from the college.