Learning Methodology


The world is approaching the 21st century with a new economic world order India is emerging as a major force with greater economic liberalization and accelerated globalization. Indian business and industry are humming with activity. This fast pace of growth has created enormous possibilities and an unprecedented demand for those who can meet the challenge of change. Gian Jyoti College, managed by Gian Jyoti Society is situated Rajol, Kangra (H.P.) in truly commanding site of famous Kangra valley in the immediate vicinity of snow covered Dhauladhar ranges to the Himalayas. The site presents a unique picturesque valley view, natural beauty and bliss. Objectives: Gian Jyoti College believes in providing quality education and professional training adapted to the needs of mature adults with instructions provided by specialist.

To impart top quality education to highly motivated bright young men & women, so that they can provide effective managerial leadership and professional competence in organization.

To prepare the students to face the global challenges in the field of management and information technology.

To make the students capable of innovating with products, process method.

To provide educational and personality development facilities for preparing young men & women for management careers.

To provide facilities to the students to develop their inherent talents.

To help he students to gain knowledge and expertise for the development of entrepreneurship skills.

To conduct research and develop case studies, research methodologies etc. for professional use of academicians, students and practitioners.

To conduct need-based training programmes for working manages and executives to undertake the challenging commitments in international business & global economy.

Learning methodology emphasizes contemporary information and knowledge, personal and professional skill development, student- driven methodology, thinking and articulation, peer learning and leadership development.

Focus will be on interactive lectures, case analysis, role-play, business simulation and games, home assignments, quizzes and syndicate discussions.

Lectures by eminent senior corporate executives, consultants and academicians from renowned institutions.

Workshops on personality development, soft skills and practical training in different areas.

Visit to industry for specific project work. This includes live projects also.

Live work- experience will be planned to develop workmanship among students.

A unique blend of activities and enthralling events that builds your drive, self-initiative, enthusiasm and energy. Gian Jyoti college life style nurtures independence, value of freedom, self-discipline, self-responsibility and modern living.

The infrastructure available at Gian Jyoti College of education provides all the necessary support facilities required to realize its objectives.

The college has its own spacious three-storey building with adequate and modern lecture rooms, seminar/syndicate rooms, conference Hall, Library, Reading Rooms and computer center fully equipped with the latest state of art gadgetry to carry out various tasks.

The institute has a well-stocked library having books, journals, case-studies, reports and other documents, while it is mercenary to have a good library, its use by the students and faculty is important. It is equally important that instructional approach should be so designed that study habits are developed among the students. Our well-stocked library is geared closely to meet the needs of the institute as a whole. The books, corporate information and govt. publications in the library are carefully selected and regularly reviewed. The library also maintains special collection of information through all-India newspaper- cuttings and reports. Computer Lab:- The computer center is well equipped with latest systems. Students are being given extensive training and management education. This system is extensively used by course member as a means of contact during then time at the institutes and whiles working outside. Those with access to PC & modem can simply dial into the network to retrieve information. In the near future, we plan the use of institute’s electronic mail facility to exchange files and participate in a range of interactive discussions and conferences. The use of computer facilities is also available to the faculty to facilitate then participation in teaching, training and research activities.

The institute is equipped with modern teaching aids such as LCD projector, overhead projector, television, educational film on various management topics to provide education to students by a variety of methods.

Keeping in pace with the necessities of professional courses, Gian Jyoti College has collaborated with the NIIT institute to focus on personality development and communication skills of students. The college is likely to tie up with skill bridge institute to enhance the interpersonal and spoken communication skills of students.

The Institute has established a Training and Placement Cell, Which will provide necessary assistance in Summer Training at the Industrial and Business Houses. This cell will also undertake permanent Placement of candidates. Campus Interviews prior to the completion of the programme will be arranged with the Industry, Business Houses and Multinational Organizations.

Scholarship will be awarded to meritorious students and students belonging to weaker sections of society.

Yoga and meditation classes are held regularly in the college to improve the mental and spiritual health of students.

A unique blend of activities and enthralling events that builds your drive, self-initiative, enthusiasm and energy. Gian Jyoti college life style nurtures independence, value of freedom, self-discipline, self-responsibility and modern living.